Work with documents, letters and EDS in one place.
QazMail is an e-mail with EDS for letters and documents. QazMail corporate mail allows companies and enterprises to sign contracts, statements, acts and other documents with a digital signature and send them to the recipient to an email address inside the mail interface.

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Use mailboxes with the name of your company, which have a positive effect on your image and inspire more trust among customers and partners.
Manage employee logins and passwords. Access to work correspondence, activity logs and recovery of deleted emails.
Simple and clear interface
Corporate address
Employee account management
Convenient and Secure Email
Your mail is securely protected from viruses and hacking. User data are stored in our own servers in Astana. You can also deploy QazMail to your servers.
High data protection
Easy navigation, folder creation, quick search by mail, contacts, auto-replies, mailing lists.
Who benefits from QazMail?
For Human Resources (HR)
Transfer your organization's HR records to electronic format: receive applications for hiring/dismissal of employees, manage employment contracts, issue orders for business trips and vacations.
All this inside the mail interface!
According to paragraph 1 of Article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Electronic Document and Digital Signature", an electronic document that meets the requirements of this Law and is certified by an electronic digital signature of a person authorized to sign it is equivalent to a signed document on paper.
For accounting and auditing
Exchange the originals of primary documents signed by digital signature. QazMail simplifies accounting and improves the legitimacy and security of documents. It has never been easier!
According to the provisions of paragraph 1 of Art. 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Electronic Document and Electronic Digital Signature", an electronic digital signature is equivalent to the handwritten signature of the signatory and entails the same legal consequences when the conditions specified in this Law are met.
For Legal and Purchasing Departments
Sign bilateral agreements with your counterparties using EDS in the mail itself. No more wasting time and money sending documents, and you can be confident that the signer's signature is authentic.
According to paragraph 2. Art. 12 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a transaction made in writing must be signed by the parties or their representatives, unless otherwise follows from the customs of business.
When making a transaction, it is allowed to use the means of facsimile copying of a signature, an electronic digital signature, if this does not contradict the law or the requirement of one of the participants.
For remote employees
QazMail will allow you and your employees to work from anywhere in the world 24/7, without installing the program on your PC. Manage documents from the office, home and while traveling.
QazMail users get the following result from the implementation of the system
Automation of personnel records management by at least 80%
Reduction of time for sending and signing bilateral agreements to 2 minutes
Reduction of time spent searching for documents and archiving
Reduction of the risk of loss and damage to important documents and reliable data storage
Increase the efficiency and productivity of administrative staff by at least 30%
Reduced costs for courier services, printing and copying, and maintenance of office equipment
Benefits and Features of QazMail
  • Signing letters using an EDS issued by the NCA of the RK
  • Sending documents to unregistered users
  • Work in the browser without installing the program on your computer
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing emails
  • Archive of letters signed with EDS
  • Simple and clear interface
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of the paid version of QazMail?
  • QazMail's enterprise solution has many advantages, such as email address on your company's domain, high data protection and security, more mail storage space, priority support, and other benefits.
  • Is it possible to transfer mail from other mail providers to QazMail?
  • Yes it is possible. You need to contact the Support Service, after which our specialists will analyze and offer the best plan for migrating your organization's mailboxes.
  • If the recipient is not registered with QazMail, will the document be delivered to him?
  • Yes, any recipient who has an email address can receive and read your email. However, in order to sign a document with an EDS, it must be registered with QazMail.

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